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Dom’s Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes

Posted in Food on May 5, 2009 by kingbiscuitpants

This is a kinda sorta version of the type of mashed potatoes that my grandma would make, it’s cheap & loving olive oil I really enjoy it.  I also borrowed a page from Shu’s Playbook & boiled & mashed onion (her addition) & celery (my addition) with the potatoes but I actually used some of the frozen onion scraps (trimmed of their inedible portions) & celery from my brimming stock bags but in the ingredients section I just mentioned regular values. I cooked it in my much beloved pressure cooker; to convert to a normal pot just double the time, of course boiling stuff is pretty easy so I’m sure that you’ll figure it out.


3  pounds potatoes, any kind, cut to even sized pieces (I like to leave the skins on but your kitchen your rules)

2 medium onions cut in half

4  stalks of celery (preferably the inner portion with the leaves)

soy sauce

Badia complete

Salt 2 tablespoons

4 tablespoons olive oil

soy sauce,

garlic powder to taste,

pepper to taste,

1 cup of milk,

1 tablespoon butter,

Pretty simple toss all the vegetables in your pressure cooker (or pot), add a couple of tablespoons of salt & a shake of soy, add just enough water to cover then bring to a boil.  Once the mix is boiling affix the lid of your cooker and boil at medium high for 25 minutes.  Drain the mixture add the olive oil, milk, butter & the rest of the spices and assault viciously with your trusty potato masher, the onion & celery will mash as easily as the potatoes and feel free to season or customize to your heart’s content.


I Love You Pressure Cooker

Posted in Food, rants on May 5, 2009 by kingbiscuitpants

The pressure cooker was a gift Shu recieved for her birthday and since that time I have developed an almost unholy fondness for the delightful contraption.  Even now as I write this it sings it’s jaunty hissing tune as it speeds my mashed potatoes to fruition (I’ll type the recipie later, though pretty much any idiot can make mashed potatoes without my assistance, but I digress) and I find myself wondering how I ever made dinner without it.  For those afraid of my infernal machine take heart they are far safer now than they were in the 50’s and as long as you have some modicom of common sense & at least a vague concept of the laws of physics,  you will not end up blowing up your kitchen.  Another advantage in these times where frugality has gone from being a virtue to a necessity, it can save you money on your electric bill by shortening cooking times, and really help you to get the most out of cheaper cuts of meat.  I can honestly say I use it at least 3 to 4 times a week and my love affair with this particular inatimate object has only blossomed further.  If you have the opportunity and especially if you frequently cook soups or stews ( as I do) a good pressure cooker will become the apple of your eye.