Empty Wallet Thursday

I sit here at my computer pounding out my latest ramblings missive after a week of fairly uneventful eating (though one of my customers at work gave me some absoultely astounding eggplant & zucchini ziti to take home that I must get the recipie for) while procrastinating doing some character sketches for a project I’m working on.  With Shu at work & an empty wallet I’m feeling a little stir crazy as I watch the kids and try to motivate myself.  My income right now is somewhere between insulting & comical and the job hunt is an exercise in futility.   But much like my general feelings on voting (with the exception of this election), the effort at least earns me the right to complain.  Things can be far worse and to quote Meher Baba “Every day is a gift, that’s why we call it the present”, though I’d be lying if I said I made the best of what today had to offer.


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