2:36 am musings

I got home early  tonight (I usually don’t get home till after 3) knowing I wouldn’t be able to wind down so I emptied all the vegetable scraps & bones from the freezer and tossed them & seasonings into the trusty pressure cooker and am turning them to stock.  I know it sounds odd but it usually takes me 2 hours to wind down & that’s just the right amount of time to get that taken care of.  Tomorrow I intend to finally get around to braising the veal sweetbreads that Shu’s chef/boss/restaurant owner so graciously gave us so the stock will come in handy.  Today was not particularly out of the ordinary, got a minor car problem fixed, then a nap,  then the usual degredation of redneck bar cookery.    I’m dreading tomorrow as I have to bring all 3 kids to the dentist, the list of things I prefer to that task include being set on fire so let’s leave it at that.  One of my stupid cats just knocked down a dining room chair so I chucked an ice cube from my water at it with considerable force & accuracy.  Sigh…  Stupid, destructive little beasts.  Good thing that they’re cute otherwise I certainly would have eaten them by now; then Shu & the kids would be rather mad at me.  Of course as I type this one of my cat-tards has climbed into my lap and started purring.  I swear the only time they display any sign of intelligence at all is when I’m considering them as a potential food source.  Already there is a comforting scent of stock coming from the kitchen so it gives me an illusion of productivity as I await the embrace of sleep.


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