TV Shows You Watch Alone

I’m not talking about anything naughty, but what shows do you tend to watch when no one else is around? It could be a guilty pleasure or just a show your signifigant other hates.

Right now for me it’s repeats of MTV’s “120 Minutes”, I DVR it and watch it either when I get home from work or if noone’s home. I watch it because I’m an old fart bass player who’s very nostalgic for the 90’s.

Alsoo “Ghost in the Shell-Stand Alone Complex”, I tried to get my anime obsessed kids into it but I guess it was too cerebral.

“Cowboy Bebop”, possibly the greatest show ever, certainly the best soundtrack (I actually own some Yoko Kanno albums-she did music for “Ghost in Shell” as well)

Also “Classic Albums” on VH1 Classic.

When I was growing up 3 shows I always was alone watching were,

the original Tom Baker “Dr. Who”
“Blake’s 7”
& last but certainly not least was “Red Dwarf”

The reason I was alone whenever I watched them is because they were on PBS at around 1 or 2 am and I would have to have the volume way low so I wouldn’t get in trouble.

So what do you guys watch when noone’s watching?


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