GI Joe Resolute- For Once Something in this World that is Good!

When in was a kid I loved GIJoe; not from the cartoon (though it had it’s moments, like “There’s No Place Like Springfield”), not fron the toys (though to this day I would stab a stranger in the eye to own the USS Flagg playset), but from the supremely badass Marvel comic that was out at the time. 

I’ve hence read that every story meeting was a pitched battle between the writers who wanted to do brutal & vaguely “realistic” war comics ( like the great Frontline Combat released by EC in the 50’s) and the toy company.  It was a groundbreaking book (especially the legendary “Silent Treatment” issue) eventually broken down by pressures from Hasbro.  Despite various godawful rehashes and now the live action movie that looks like the only redeeming quality of which is that they cast the great Ray Park (he played Darth Maul and kicked ass at it–yeah I know the prequels were pretty weak but that was a hell of a Jedi fight & the coolest piece of music by John Williams ever) that there was no hope for my much beloved franchise.  Then there was sadness…

Low & behold a few months ago a grainy youtube clip gave a glimpse of the badassery I knew GI Joe could have mustered and like a junky waiting for a fix I waited in rapt anticipation and was not disappointed.  Let me say this, those who know me know I am a horrendously brutal critic, to the point of being obnoxious, but I LOVE THIS!!!!  


It so far has lived up to all my drooling fanboy fantasies and I reccomend it with much gusto.  The characters use real weapons, main characters ACTUALLY DIE on both sides and best of all NO SERPENTOR.  Check it out if you haven’t I like it even more than fried pork products; yes it’s that good.


2 Responses to “GI Joe Resolute- For Once Something in this World that is Good!”

  1. Hubby will freakin’ LOVE this!
    all I got for you is that I had a huge crush on Darth Maul . . . sorry ;-}

    • kingbiscuitpants Says:

      My buddy harrison is actually a good friend of Ray Park, he is a really, really cool guy. What is funny though is that his speaking voice sounds exactly like Vivian from “The Young Ones”.

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