Another Soup Day.

It seems that every time that I call my friend Gregg I’m making soup, I’m almost dreading calling him because he’ll say, “So, what are you up to?” and I’ll say sheepishly, “Making soup…”  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, soup’s tasty & it’s Thursday so the fridge train is making it’s last stop at leftover junction.  Right now I have a pressure cooker of vegetable  stock bubbling and hissing on the stove, I decided today was a perfect day to make it since I was sick of the freezer bags of vegetable scraps falling out every time I opened the door to get ice.   So now here is my universal super secret soup recipie.



All the random crap in your refrigerator.

Season to taste.

What is getting dumped into the pot tonight (because I’m sure you simply couldn’t life without knowing) is some leftover oxtail stew, the last of the vegetable cous cous, a bunch of chicken wings, a few unfinished containers of mixed vegetables, and some chicken trimmings from work…  As well as any other crap I want to make sure gets used.  I mean this is tongue in cheek (and if I had either of those in the fridge they’d be going into the pot as well) but it’s my failsafe way to try to prevent food from being wasted & it also is enjoyed by everyone since I’m usually able to make extra and share it with family & friends.  And what is the point of this post you might ask?  Come on you know me better than that.  There isn’t one.


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