Kitchen Ingredients You Refuse to Do Without

Even though I feel like I’m turning into VH1 lateley, speaking mostly in random & arbitrary lists, I’m posting a list of things I will refuse to do without in my kitchen, i.e. things I will run right out to the store to get if I am out of.  All cooks have these & I’d love to hear what your’s are.  I’m sure that Shu has her own list but she’s at work right now so I’m not going to bother her.   So again in no particular order

Olive oil, I’m Italian so I’m aghast whenever I’m out of this. As my grandma always said: “So long as you have salt, pasta  & olive oil in the house you ‘ll never go hungry.”

Salt & pepper,

Sugar or honey,

Onions & garlic,

Mojo marinade, here in Florida it is cheap plentiful & omnipresent, it’s a great replacement for wine in dishes when you’re out, it adds tons of flavor & since the citrus & vinegar content it is great at marinating/tenderizing just about anything it’s become a must in my kitchen.

Some kind of pasta or rice, or even potatoes;  while I have my preferences I’m not picky when I’m in a pinch, basically any one starch,

Canned diced tomatoes, great for quick sauces or pasta,

Canned and/or frozen vegetables,

Cumin and/or ”Mrs. Dash (don’t judge me),

cheap ass wine, (though Mojo is more versatile , ideally both)

Stock, either homemade in the freezer or those wonderfully convenient quarts with the close able top,

Those are my BARE MINIMUM seasonings & staples to keep dinner flowing from meal to meal, while there are loads of other ingredients I love & use, these are the ones I feel almost unable to cook without. I almost put eggs & flour on the list but I’m trying to keep it very minimum & while I have often run out to the store to grab them for specific meals, & I really dislike being out of either but can get by… Oh hell, who am I kidding? Add those 2 to the list. So that is what makes me feel like I can take on the empire by myself. How about you?


5 Responses to “Kitchen Ingredients You Refuse to Do Without”

  1. All right – you threw down, so here’s my list:
    olive oil salt and pepper
    onions and garlic
    pinto beans
    bay leaves
    chicken stock (both homemade in the freezer and Trader Joe’s boxed stuff – cheap as hell and pretty damn good)
    wine (life’s too short to drink cheap wine – so the decent boxed stuff is as low as we’ll go)
    Nuoc Mam
    Soy Sauce
    evap milk
    green chiles (if I’m out of ones from my bother-in-law’s farm I’ll settle for the frozen Bueno ones or I’ll roast store-bought)
    parmesan or romano cheese
    canned tomatoes in any form
    half and half
    real butter
    I think that’s about it – of course I’m assuming we have a decent complement of deer and/or elk in the freezer. Plus my husband has a compulsion to purchase whole chickens every time they’re on sale so we always have at least one or two birds on ice.
    OH! coffee. not a cooking ingredient – but if we’re out, someone’s going to the store!!!

  2. by the way – love the new header – “klaatu, veratu, nict- uh – (cough cough cough!)”

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