Grandma’s Marinara with Egg over Angel Hair

I freely admit that this is a dish that I might lose you on. People either love it or hate it; I love it because it is a family dish that has been served to me so very often as I grew up that I was shocked (at the age of 23) that it wasn’t everyday kitchen canon in every American household. The reason that I am including this here is that a reader of mine was interested in egg dishes so I felt compelled to add this one since everyone on my mother’s side of the family (about 15 people that I know of for a fact including myself) enjoy this regularly. What gets people is that most people don’t even consider poached eggs& tomato sauce & also the amoeboid look of the eggs.


2 large onions diced

4 cloves diced garlic

3 carrots made ridiculously small

a liberal dollop of olive oil for sweating

a few cans of diced tomato (or fresh or pureed depending on what’s on hand)

a nice handful of chiffonadde basil

2 tablespoons of salt

1/8th cup grated Parmesan/Romano

several enthusiastic grinds o f pepper

a dash of hot sauce

This is really simple, sweat the garlic, onions & carrots, add the tomatoes and basil and simmer. Just season to taste. Now once the mixture is simmering break open several eggs& drop them into the sauce to poach. When the eggs are cooked through the sauce is done; they will look vaguely amoeboid & alien. When sauce is finished serve over angel hair pasta, cause for some reason it doesn’t wok texturally with any other, which is funny since angel hair is my least favorite but for this dish it is a must. That’s it, a quick simple & inexpensive dish. Now that is the textbook family version that my mom & grandma made, I personally do a simple addition that i find has made it more accessible to friends of mine who didn’t grow up on it. Bacon. I hate to throw bacon wilily nilly into things as it often seems to be a crutch for mediocre cooks, however it has it’s place. The dish is otherwise the same but before adding the olive oil to the pot fry 5 to 7 strips of bacon till crispy then remove to crumble into the sauce once it cools off; every other aspect of the sauce and it’s preparation remain the same. So that is the infamous egg sauce, I hope you like it as much as I do, if not blame my upbringing.


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