On Smoking Bans

Before we get started on this one; let me qualify this by stating that I am an asthma sufferer who’s problem has been severely worsened as a result of years of working in various smoky dives. This being said I feel that smoking bans are unconstitutional and ridiculous. “But Dom, you shockingly handsome magnificent bastard, how can you rant against smoking bans when you have just stated that years of working in smoke filled dives wrecked your lungs?” Simple; I CHOSE to work there, because due to the circumstances at the time and my usually poor judgment, I valued the money I’d be making over the long term health effects. Again MY choice, as an informed adult, so any effects are MY fault. As an employee or customer I would have preferred no smoking but the overwhelming number of customers and their wallets wanted to smoke, and no one put a gun to my head.

I personally believe that a sort of “castle law” should apply. If you open a restaurant, it’s YOUR money and YOUR risk & usually YOUR blood, sweat & tears that go into it; this being the case I feel you should run the way you feel best and the public will vote with their wallets. If smokers are your rent check, great, if non smokers- super, or even some Goldilocks like homeostatic balance of the two, even better. To try to legislate common sense is insulting, everybody knows smoking causes cancer, so if you take the risk well, you knew. People also throw around “big tobacco” as the horrible corporate monster, what about the American farmers who grow tobacco. Sure you can say that they can grow other crops, yeah, but at a lower profit. Also thousands of Americans work in the factories that make tobacco products, what about them. My father died September of last year of primarily lung cancer, he also smoked 3 to 5 packs a day. He said many a time that he knew the smokes would kill him, usually, with one in his hand in fact; but he made his choice, I miss him, but the choice was his; if you look at the numbers more people are making better choices than he did in relation to smoking. The point is people need to both take responsibility for themselves, as well as stop expecting the entire world to bend to their convenience, if you don’t like a place don’t go there. Problem solved, no legislative measures needed.


One Response to “On Smoking Bans”

  1. I’m not a smoker myself either, and I hate having dinner in a cloud of someone else’s spewed-out cancer gas. However, here in Arizona, we have some of the strictest smoking bans anywhere, and they really rankle the libertarian in me. I say, smoke if ya must, just don’t toss yer butts out the window and don’t do it around me when I’m enjoying my meal!

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