What is in your pockets?

An odd question I  know but I am fascinated by this stuff, partially because i’m neurotic & carry tons of crap on me. Stuff carried in bags doesn’t count.

To start off here is what is in my pockets pretty much every day.
wallet left front
cell phone (a bottom of the line nokia but it serves my needs)left front or shirt posket
a pocket monthly calandar (thank you bank freebie)left front
chap stick right front
a leatherman multi tool (I feel naked without it)belt
a cold steel brand folding knife (I bought it for my late father 17 years ago for father’s day & he carried it around all the time and now so do I, plus it’s handy)belt
a small bar towel (It’s a tough universe out there you have to know where your towel is)right front
a ball point pen and or sharpie marker right front or shirt pocket
a single sheet of paper folded for scrap or if i have to give somebody information; usually the back of a screwed up printout or grocery list. left back
gum or mints right front
a small husky brand flashlight (about the size of a roll of dimes)right back or belt
my keys (clipped onto my belt loop)
roughly 60% of the time a lighter or matches even though I don’t smoke cigarettes left front
and lastly a few disposable shop towels (I have allergies)left back

I know it’s a lot of junk but i’m a big guy who lives in cargo pants & in my defense I use all of these things every day at home/work, so lets see what has your pants at half mast.


2 Responses to “What is in your pockets?”

  1. Yay!!! towel reference duly noted and appreciated! I also feel nekkid without my leatherman – every girl should have one in her purse.

    • kingbiscuitpants Says:

      I agree, that’s why I bought shu one for her birthday. It is also my favorite gift to buy for people because I know it eventually will be a lifesaver.

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