Saw Iron Maiden Again Last Night @ Bank Atlantic Center

This was my 6th time seeing the boys from Maiden doing what they do best, rocking…HARD.  What was best about the show was for the first time in 15 years I haven’t had to fly out of state for the show.  Many people wonder how 6 men pushing 60 can do such a demanding set.  It’s simple really; they all have super powers.   Bruce can fly, (he uses planes only because he always packs very heavily), Niko McBrain is incredibly strong, (much like Rod Smallwood who can lift 5 Irish Navvies on the end of a shovel), Dave Murray can cloud men’s minds, (especially his own), Adrian Smith has “Aquaman” style powers, only he’s not useless (he just needs to soak his gills in a pint of beer once every 24 hours-he has  frequently been known to handle several days at a time), Janick Gers has all the powers of “Justice League” member “Red Tornado”, and Steve Harris obviously is a “Batman/Green Lantern” hybrid (& I’m not talking about that disappointing “Elseworlds” novel this is the real world we’re speaking of here) so as you can see it all makes perfect sense.  Up the Irons!!!


2 Responses to “Saw Iron Maiden Again Last Night @ Bank Atlantic Center”

  1. We saw Maiden last summer in Phoenix – my hubby has been a big fan since even before Bruce – and I admit I became a fan at the show! 2008 was a great concert year for us – Metalli-effin-ca, Iron Maiden and the Foo. . . we felt like we were musically relevant again!

    • kingbiscuitpants Says:

      Yeah. I thought you were cool. It was also my 17 y/o son’s 1st concert so he is a hardcore fan now. Kira, my little girl loves them as well. I have to turn her on to Lauren Harris (Steve Harriss’ daughter who I have met & she’s a sweetheart) she’ll forget all Hanna Montana.
      Up the Irons!

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