At last my “Watchmen” review


It’s O.K. Allan…

Allan Moore, Allybaby, Allie Moorsey, Allie Smooches, Al, Furry Al, it is O.K. “The Watchmen” was good, no not perfect, but really they did as good a job on it as any human could on the film. Yes I, like you, really missed the squid alien vagina creatures that were originally part of Adrian’s plan; and there were small minutia that I also missed; like the weird cigarette tobacco sphere “thingys”, (which struck me as odd since you see more blue cock than if you were to cruise the men’s room in Smurf village in the film, but only “The Comedian” is allowed to smoke-the ratings board is kooky) but it is really safe to see the movie, I’ll go with you & hold your hand even. Yes, I know they condensed Rorschach Psychoanalysis & eliminated the curse of the black pearl; but really, doing it as an anime really is a total 180 from the vintage “EC” comics feel you & Dave Gibbons were going for so it is for the best even though it was a great device to establish the relationship between the kid & the newspaper vendor.

Now to my other readers who may not know this, Allan Moore, lambasted the film & even went so far as to sign away any funds made from the film to Dave Gibbons who’s quiet artistic virtuosity that the film was delightfully loyal to. Many people really can’t comprehend how Allan (I can call him that because of my imaginary relationship with him) can turn down millions for film adapt ions, they can’t even comprehend how he spends his days; I can understand. He spends his days trying to comprehend mine. He wakes up, worries about my blood pressure, writes me a letter asking about how the kids are doing he never posts but files, with the others, combs the squirrels out of his beard, gazes longingly at the English countryside. But really the movie is very watchable & I don’t think they really could have done any better; it’s like being mad at your 10 year old for not cleaning your spark plugs properly, really, how much were you expecting. It’s O.K. Allybaby, it’ll all be all right, come home I’ll make that cake you like.


4 Responses to “At last my “Watchmen” review”

  1. I have no idea who you are or why you think I’m stalking you. Please cease and desist this libel. Say hi to Kira for me.


  2. Just sitting here polishing my ridiculous number of warlock rings and brushing the wildlife from my beard and thinking of you…wondering how you’re doing…wondering why you never call

    the watchmen was nothing…now fish leather…THAT was an idea


  3. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    Oh, & I just found a great interview with Allybaby on “Wired” very worth checking out.

  4. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    allybaby at it again I found this fantastic clip of him reading Roarschacs’ journal.

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