Dom’s Chocolate Cherry Cordial Strawberry Shortcake

Dom’s Chocolate Cherry Cordial Strawberry Shortcake


This is something I created for Shu’s Birthday, based on her 2 favorite sweets, it’s actually pretty easy.




1 box devil’s food cake mix (Yes a mix. Why? Because I’m lazy.)

12 ounces dried cherries (though dried cranberries would work in a pinch)

5 ounces or so of Chamboard or any raspberry liqueur

half of a pound of semi sweet chocolate chips

½ cup of brown sugar

5 ounces white zinfandel

roughly a ¼ teaspoon of each of the following




a hefty squirt of honey

¼ cup of jelly, any kind (i prefer to use mango jelly, but that is what is normally in my fridge)

roughly 1 pound of sliced strawberries

enough whipped cream to cover the cake


Preparation is simple enough; start by unceremoniously dumping the dried cherries into a pint glass and add just enough Chambord to cover them then promptly go to bed. All jokes aside it’s best left overnight but 4 or 5 hours will do in a pinch. You have to let the dried fruit absorb the liquor otherwise the dish really isn’t going to work.


Wake up and drain the cherries, reserving the liquid for the glaze which I’ll get to momentarily.

Mix up your devil’s food cake according to the instructions, then dump (as dump is a technical term) the chocolate chips and the cherries and gently fold into the batter.


Pour the batter into 2 9” cake pans & cook according to the instructions on your cake mix box then allow to cool then put in the refrigerator for an hour or 2.


As the cakes chill; take a small sauce pan on hi heat and pour in the Zinfandel (though any lightly sweet wine will do even the crappy Rose I keep in the house to use in cooking) followed by the sugar, the Chamboard you strained from the cherries earlier, as well as the honey, jelly & spices.

Now here is where you have to be on point. You have to almost constantly whisk the mixture and frequently adjust the heat. Basically reduce it to the consistency of a light syrup without burning it.


Once the “syrup” (a glaze actually) is ready, take a basting brush and brush the top & sides of both the layers of your cake, be generous but don’t soak the cake. When you are done glazing the layers of the cake dump the thinly sliced strawberries in the remaining glaze and give it a good stir and allow to sit for the amount of time it takes to run outside to find your children and drag them back to clean up the mess they made.


Now we are in the home stretch. Place a layer of the strawberry/glaze mixture between the 2 cake layers then cover the cake in whipped cream, finally adding the remaining strawberry s on top.


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