Dom’s Easy & Versatile Meat & Poultry Glaze


Dom’s Easy & Versatile Meat & Poultry Glaze


This is something I’ve been refining for a few years. It’s a hot caramel glaze that is great both in the oven & on the grill. I find it especially tasty on turkey parts which you can often get on sale at your local supermarket but it works on any meat.




12 Ounces “Dr. Pepper” or generic equivalent. Which is funny because i hate that soda to drink but it works great in this recipe , though root beer or cola would work as well.

4 ounces cheap wine

1 cup brown sugar (you could use white sugar I suppose but i can’t stand the stuff personally)

3 ounces of honey

1 tablespoon salt

onion & garlic powder

a dash of paprika

several grinds of black pepper or about 2 tablespoons of pre ground

2 ounces of olive oil


To make simply add all of the liquid ingredients and bring to a nice rolling boil, add the spices and reduce down until it’s nice and thick.


In application use a preferably silicon basting brush to put directly onto the meat while still piping hot so as it cools it will caramelize & harden somewhat. It’s a great and quick way to add flavor when you don’t have time to marinate, it also works well if you have a seasoning injector.


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