To hell with Warren Buffet here are some Stock Tips


To hell with Warren Buffet here are some Stock Tips


Now that i have gotten that god awful pun out of the way, I’m going to talk about making stocks & I’m not speaking investment I’m talking food here.


Broths & stocks have always been a way to extract every bit of value from a foodstuff, in only the past few hundred years have they become considered more value in flavor than practicality; which considering the scope & breadth of human history is really a bat of and eyelash.


Now in most traditional views of stocks, you boil all of the flavor out of something, wring out the item then discard it. As a result of this you can often “waste” full price vegetables where you can use the cast offs. Now I realize here i might sound like someone who continually advocates eating garbage, but here me out here; stocks aren’t something you cook every day but can utilize the refuse from everyday cooking beautifully, all you need is a freezer & a few gallon sized plastic zipper bags.


As i do my everyday cooking i often use carrots, celery, onions etc. I have several bags in my freezer i simply toss things like celery heels, carrot tops, onion skins & backs etc. rather than throw them away. It doesn’t matter if they are frozen at different times or even freezer burned since their destiny is to be boiled to hell in back anyway. I’ve been doing this for years and my stocks have only improved as well as saved me money; in fact in the kitchen i work at i have official permission to bring that stuff home rather than let it go to waste so i have tons of castoff pieces for stock.


Since I’ve been using these ingredients for so long I’ve figured out a decent replacement formula for several items commonly used for stock.


20 carrot ends to one normal carrot

25 onion heels/tops to one onion

6 celery heels to head o celery or 1 heels per stalk required in the recipe

10 green onion heels per green onion

15 tomato tops (the slice of the top of the tomato that has the ring of flesh around it) per tomato


Now vegetables are far from the only thing you can squeeze dry for stocks i save bones like treasure, in fact I just made a ridiculously rich savory gelatin from the bones given to me from an entire pig roast.

Assuming i don’t dump it immediately into a stock pot, whenever I have a poultry carcass (cooked or not), beef/pork bones (ditto) i break them up & toss them into a bag in the freezer and wait until I have time to make stock. Also if making seafood stock there is no greater resource than crab, shrimp & lobster shells.


Now that I’ve finished going on about use of food by products let me walk you through my general stock method for making roughly 4 quarts of stock.



1 or more carcasses, several thick bones, shells or even all of them at once “Lets get crazy..”. The idea is to have enough of them to just fill the pot; if you are purpose buying cuts at the store go for shanks or feet of pork or beef and backs in poultry, though anything will work it depends on what is on sale beef neck bones & pork tails have been dirt cheap here lately.

5 carrots or equivalent

5 stalks of celery or equivalent

3 onions or equivalent

8 cloves of garlic

5 tablespoons olive oil

roughly half a bottle of the cheap wine of your choice (beer or mojo marinade can be substituted)

1 tomato or equivalent

3 tablespoons salt or four of soy sauce

2 tablespoons Mrs. Dash

2 tablespoons black pepper

a dash of cumin

a dash of hot sauce of you r choice


whatever else you feel like throwing in.


To make this it simply takes time it is no challenge.

Take the meat portion and place in the stock pot (you can do this in a crock pot too)

add the vegetables and spices,

add the wine and water until all the bones or whatever are covered;

and simmer until everything just falls apart.


Check and stir & season then when the time has come, strain out all the solids and you have a lovely stock, that if you did properly cost you effectively nothing, except the wine & some spices.

It freezes well and works with just about anything.


3 Responses to “To hell with Warren Buffet here are some Stock Tips”

  1. Funny, I wrote a really similar piece for a mom’s newsletter I occasionally contribute to – veggie garbage and all! Great food minds clearly think alike!
    I’m a HUGE advocate of the freezer bag of goodies and I am definitely from the assorted-carci-in-the-pot school of stock-making. I would only add that if you freeze in ziplocks, stick the bag inside an appropriately-sized container and fold the zip-edges down over the sides of the container first so that you can effectively ladle without losing any of your precious elixir!
    Also, James Beard advocated roasting beef bones before using them for stock – but I am just too damn lazy for that. . .

  2. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    Thanks for the post. If you liked that one check out the Shu’s Pumpkiny Chicken & dumplings as you’d probably get a kick out of that one as well.

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