Dom’s Vegetarian chili


In the interest of finally providing Hazel some low fat recipes as I promised, as well as to prove I do know how to make dishes that don’t begin with, “Fist chop up 5 pounds of pig face”.

If the dish bears a family resemblance to my other chili there is a good reason for it; it was during one of my intermittent bouts of vegetarianism that I developed this recipe and my other chili evolved from it. Not being meat based this one doesn’t need to cook nearly as long since you’re not trying to render any pork fat.

By the way i only know how to make this in feeding an army scale but as much effort as it takes you might as well, besides, like it’s meaty cousin, it freezes well.


3 lbs Morning star Farms brand “Veggie Crumbles” (without a doubt the best “meat substitutes” on the market, they are actually really tasty, not tasty for a vegetarian product)

3 onions (whatever your onion preference) cut very small

several tablespoons of pre minced garlic from the jar (I’m lazy) or one head or so of fresh garlic.

5 carrots diced to infinitesimal bits

1 pound of diced mushrooms of your choice

2 bell peppers chopped

6 pieces of kombucha crumbled into small pieces

5 fresh tomatoes

3 diced jalapeños

4 sirachi chilies

any other peppers in season

a big big handful of fresh or frozen basil

1 can pinto beans

1 can black eyed peas

1can black beans

1can lentils

1 package frozen shelled enadame

1can tomato soup

refill said can with bloody marry mix (V8 & a heft splash of Worcestershire sauce will do in a pinch)

1 can vegetable stock

1 can tomato paste

(all spice amounts approximate I cook to taste and frankly use about 5 times as much as you would think made sense but that’ how I roll)

2 tablespoons cumin

black pepper

2 tablespoons Mrs. dash

2 tablespoons paprika

one dash curry powder


2 tablespoons chili powder

1 standard chocolate bar (no really)

½ a bottle of red wine

3 ounces of dark molasses (honey will work in a pinch)

6 tablespoons of olive oil.

Soy sauce to taste


First take a large stock pot and add olive oil and and the carrots first to and begin to simmer at low heat as they will take the longest to cook.

after a few minutes add the onions, peppers/chilies, mushrooms and a good couple of tablespoons each of the minced garlic to both.

Once the vegetables have sweated add the “Veggie Crumbles”, very lightly browning them; adding some if the dried spices .

Since it is not a meat product, the Veggie crumbles do not need long to cook at all so be careful not to overcook it.

Add the liquid ingredients (e.g. Soup, stock, bloody Mary mix, paste, bourbon, wine, beans etc.)

allow it to simmer a while then add the diced tomatoes and some more garlic and some fresh basil cut into a chiffonade.

Then its simply a matter of simmering very slowly while stirring very often and tasting & adjusting as you go until the chili thickens.

The molasses is the final ingredient added as it will help control the saltiness and ad a subtle smokiness to the dish.

If you want a starchy chili add raw rice cous cous or pasta and allow it to cook in the pot and absorb the flavors.


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