hitting the pork by product jackpot!

Today at work we did a pig roast.  The great thing is that being the token batshit crazy omnivore that I am,I managed to score all the crazy bits that I adore. 

I have an ENTIRE roasted pig head, all the bones & the trotters, the tail & ALL THE SKIN!  I exclaim with fat guy glee. 

Tomorrow I’m making a more or less traditional cassoulet (I’ll post the recipie when it’s done) as well as breaking down all those bones & making and freezing a ton of very rich pork stock. 

I’m entirely too excited about this I need to start gigging again.


2 Responses to “hitting the pork by product jackpot!”

  1. no…..no, no, no,no, no



    * thinks about the horror of a severed pig head & promptly vomits

  2. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    But it’s so damn tasty… Really, kira & logan will be fighting over the nose.

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