What went wrong? I should have been a Has-been by now.

Just something I was thinking when I was sitting on the toilet after a hard day at work, trying to ignore the ferret shit in the corner of  the bathroom, less than a foot away from the cat box provided for just that situation ( that had obviously been conveniently unobserved by his 17 year old owner who is supposed to handle such incedences of furry stupidity) with an issue of the local free weekly paper; I read with much agony about yet another of my former bands doing very well…  In fact far better than they ever had with me devoting my every effort.

Don’t get me wrong, I was legitmately happy for them, yet at the same time, the emotional reaction was like finding out one of your exes is about to marry the super rich, super beautiful celebrity of your choice.

Now I’m not going to do any name dropping (mostly because I’m sure to feel even worse about myself when none of the bands will be remembered, even though one of them just got a ESP Guitars endorsement) but as I finished my intended task that I went into the bathroom for in the first place; I stared in the mirror as I washed my hands I wonder when it went wrong.

Now don’t get me wrong, ferret shit notwithstanding, I love my family, I love being a father of 3 fantastic kids &  I couldn’t have a better relationship with the woman who puts up with my shit (love you Shu), but come on, my name should be the answer of a trivia question used by an obsessive, insomniac music geek posted on a forum at 3 in the morning.

It’s not like everlasting fame was ever expected, for christ’s sake I’m a BASS PLAYER nobody gives a shit about the bass player… Except other bass players, it’s like being a Freemason but without any advantages.  This sort of inherent anonaminity (unless the bass player is a singer, or Flea) makes the bass player the guy inthe band most realistic about the fact that in a few years they will be working as a cook or some other stupid menial bullshit.

A 1 hit wonder or a band with 1 good album that disappeared to the where are they now files, that’s all I’m asking.   Or at least what was asking.   The chances for me now are slim to none even though I still love to play and also (god help us all) sing now, but crap I wanted to be a rock star, or at least an asteroid.

Next time I think I’ll just stare angrily  at the ferret shit…


2 Responses to “What went wrong? I should have been a Has-been by now.”

  1. You are a member forever in good standing of Fast Young Insomniacs. Your place in the pantheon of Rock Gods is assured. We will be bigger than Wyld Stallyns times The Pinheads.

  2. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    thanks dude i really need to get off my ass & jam with you maybe saturday evening or sunday afternoon, i’ll call gregg & you soon

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