Dom’s Shortcut Crepes & Crepes with Ham Swiss & Sweet Potato Hash



Dom’s Shortcut Crepes & Crepes with Ham Swiss & Sweet Potato Hash


This is really 2 recipes the first of which i can take no responsibility for i got it off of one of the GoonsWithSpoons forums. It is a flawless foolproof crepe; if you can make French toast you can make perfect crepes every time. I know how to make crepes the hard way but i never will again. The second recipe is what i did with it, preferring savory crepes this is my preference but you can use the aforementioned shortcut crepes for any sweet treatment, eg. Banana’s foster, Nutella & honey etc.


For shortcut crepes,


10 flour tortillas (yes tortillas. Yeah i know i was skeptical too but I’m standing behind this one. Oh hell just try it it’s not like they’re expensive, but they HAVE to be the flour kind not the corn ones)

1 cup of half & half

3 eggs

3 tablespoons or so grape seed or soy oil


This is simple as anything, briefly soak the tortillas in the throughly whisked mixture of eggs & half & half, then throw on a hot skillet throughly greased with any high smoke point oil (i prefer grape seed oil) on both sides. That’s it perfect crepes every time.


O.k. Now you have 10 perfectly good crepes piled up, this is one of the things i like to do with them, it’s quick & easy & of course flexible & leftover friendly.


Ham, Swiss & Sweet Potato Hash filled Crepes

10 crepes

½ pound of sliced ham of your choice

½ pound swiss cheese slices

an ounce or so of ranch dressing

1 small onion

a couple of cloves of garlic

½ ounce of honey

a healthy squirt of yellow mustard

3 cooked sweet potatoes or equivalent


2 tablespoons paprika

a dash of cumin

and yes Mrs. Dash it makes me hate myself i know.


It’s pretty simple the only thing you have to cook (other than the crepes) is the sweet potato hash. Take either baked or even leftover sweet potato fries.

Start by sweating the onions & garlic in some butter.

While it is cooking dice your sweet potatoes.

After the garlic & onions are cooked, take the diced sweet potato, and add to the pan and brown, adding all the dry spices and sautee being sure to really brown the edges.

Once browned add the honey and mustard to the pan & mix, then remove from the heat.


Now that you’ve finished the Sweet potato hash,

take your crepes and lightly brush with your favorite ranch dressing.

Then take your sliced ham and put some in each crepe,

add a slice of swiss down the middle of each crepe,

then finally add some for the sweet potato hash to each crepe & roll up and serve to the undeserving masses.



I’m working on a bunch of other crepe applications that i’ll be posting, however, now that you know the dirty secret of perfect crepes please comment as you come up with your own crackpot ideas.




2 Responses to “Dom’s Shortcut Crepes & Crepes with Ham Swiss & Sweet Potato Hash”

  1. nice….I’m actually shocked by the work that goes into these.
    Might have to try the Stuffed Pepper.

    Suggestions for future blog updates.

    A good recipe for a man-sized Guiness stew that can put hair everywhere you don’t need it?

    How about Dom’s Beer/Food pairings

    keep blogging…I’ll keep eating

  2. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    thanks dude, appreciate the imput, the beer food combos are going to be an epic but i’ll see what i can do after applying occam’s razor. i still need to tell the bottlecap story but i haven’t worked up to that yet.

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