dom’s stuffed peppers


Dom’s stuffed bell peppers


Here is another bit of leftover necromancy. This is a perfect way to use up any leftover seasoned rice, orzo, cous cous, etc.; it works well with leftover rice & beans, fried rice from Chinese take out or as the last time I made it, orzo cooked with veggies, tomatoes & beef neck bones. I’ll tack on an easy rice/pasta dish that makes a great filling base at the end.




8 bell peppers

1 quart seasoned rice/pasta leftovers

1 pound ground chuck (though any ground meat will do)

2 onions

¼ cup olive oil for sweating

5 cloves of minced garlic

1cup stock

salt & pepper

½ pound of frozen chopped turnip greens or spinach

some Mrs dash (my guilty pleasure)



a dash of allspice

some turmeric

some breadcrumbs

a little grated cheese (I strongly recommend Romano or Parmesan)

a few ounces of whatever wine is around the house


So here we go, carefully cut the tops off of the bell peppers, discarding the seeds and taking the flesh around the edge to dice & add to the onions and garlic sweating in a medium sized pot.


Add the ground meat and just barely brown it (since it will be baking for a while) after the meat is ready add the rest of the ingredients and season to taste.

Let it simmer for a brief time and allow to sit and cool; this will make it easier to deal with when you stuff the peppers as well as give the starches time to absorb the liquids.


When the stuffing has cooled, take a large baking dish or casserole (it should be just large enough to place all the peppers in with preferably a half inch or more between them)and add a splash of olive oil, a couple of ounces of wine and a dash of salt.


Prepare the peppers by rubbing them inside & out with some olive oil; the easiest way is to put some on a napkin and rub the peppers, it helps to prevent burning and adds a little seasoning.


Not surprisingly stuff the peppers with the cooled mixture and place them in the baking dish then sprinkle a liberal amount of breadcrumbs and grated cheese on the top, patting it down to prevent a mess.


Bake in a preheated oven at 400 degrees for an hour checking every 20 minutes to make sure nothing is burning. You might have to add a splash or 2 more wine if necessicary I know I have to do this since my oven has a mind of it’s own.


For extra credit, once you remove the peppers from the pan and turn the liquid into a nice pan sauce by adding a touch of roux and olive oil.


So here is the super quick and easy rice base for the peppers should you be leftover lacking.


2 cups rice or similarly sized pasta

1 can diced tomatoes with liquid

turmeric say a teaspoon

1 cup frozen mixed vegetables (i recommend the Italian mix, and canned will work in a pinch, it depends on what’s on sale after all)

some olive oil

3 cups stock (any kind will do)

1 diced onion

3 cloves minced garlic or equivalent

season to taste (you know my usual suspects)


Simply add the liquids and vegetables and cook the starch in it until it absorbs the liquid, it’s a great & versatile side dish on it’s own.


Hope you like it

dom 2-24-09


2 Responses to “dom’s stuffed peppers”

  1. I’ve always been afraid of the stuffed pepper because the ones my grandma made were always really bitter. Does removing the seeds and white pith completely take care of that? This looks like a great clean-out-the-fridge recipe so I’d love to try it!

    You really have a great stock of recipes that normal folks can make out of things they have hanging around the kitchen, it’s very encouraging to find a good recipe that doesn’t require heading out to the store (or, worse, to several stores!) Thanks!

    • kingbiscuitpants Says:

      Thanks, but also remember I absolutely hate to shop so that is part of it. By the way I’m a big fan of your blog as well so the feel ing is mutual! Removing the seeds & pith make a huge difference & I hate bitter peppers. Rubbing it with the olive oil & the wine mix in the pan help as well. If you want to make absolutely sure to kill the bitter taste wash the inside outside of the peppers with red wine with a good pinch of brown sugar dissolved in it (basicly soak a paper towel folded in a tight square and gently work the surfaces, use the rest of the wine in the rest of the dish) before coating with the oil & you should be ok. As far as my (& my wife’s) cooking ethos go; we prove you can eat incredibly well without wasting money, time or food, also lots of times that “X” factor of a particular leftover can be fantastic & it also makes staple dishes you frequently make taste different so your palate doesn’t get bored. Besides we have 3 kids that’s the only way to afford feeding us all. lol… For a closer dive into my “theory” check out my Marinara Manifesto since I use the same general rules to throw all manner of leftovers into various Voltron configurations. You’d also really like the “recession depression therapy” blog in my blogroll by neighbor nancy, she takes it several steps farther than even me.

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