shu’s shepard’s pie


Shu’s shepherds pie


This is one of my favorites as well as my cousin’s who had been looking forward to having this recipe with baited breath; so here you go Jim.


Ingredients :

mashed turnips (mashed potatoes would work as well but i think the turnip tastes better the preparation would be the same either way)

1 turnip

1 stick butter


salt & pepper

onion powder



for the filling:

2 lbs ground chuck

1 cup chopped celery, leaves as well

1 onion chopped

3 minced garlic cloves

3 splashes of soy sauce

3 splashes of teriaki sauce

1 lb frozen mixed vegetables of your choice

salt & pepper

½ cup of grated Romano cheese


Cut peel & cube turnips then boil until soft; which would be when a fork will pass through smoothly.

Drain turnips and add the butter & milk and season to taste, then allow to cool.


Sweat onions, garlic & celery until it begins to soften, then add the ground chuck, stirring to break up the meat. As you brown the meat, add the soy and teriaki sauces. Once the meat has browned, add the vegetables and season to taste.


Pour the meat & vegetable mixture into a large baking pan.

Then you stir the Romano cheese to the turnip (or potato) mixture and evenly top the meat mixture.

Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes and then allow to cool for a while before serving.


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