dom’s super easy roast chicken & next day soup


Dom’s super easy roast chicken stuff

since the majority of recipes i type out you practically need to call in sick for work to make; i thought I’d post a good simple dish for every day cooking. I decided to use this one since my friend/sister in law lindsay said it was the best chicken dish she had ever had.

this dish was created out of necessity when i had to be at work in 2 hours and had yet to get to the store; so telling my best friend Gregg to watch the kids for a moment (since he was there tutoring Logan & to give Kira a guitar lesson) as i hurriedly ran to the store. As i shopped i dimly remembered something that my mother would often make with chicken thighs, but when i got to the store i noticed a sale on chicken leg/thigh quarters & shifted gears. I am going to type out the recipe as i made it last but it’s designed to be very flexible. Since i almost invariably have to feed a family of 5 the recipe is large but it will still work perfectly well in smaller amounts so I’ll let you do the math in reduction.


8 individual chicken leg/thigh quarters

2, 8 oz cans of cream of chicken soup

8 ounces of beer

4 ounces of any “mojo” marinade; a great thing to keep in the house it’s a cheap vinegar based spiced marinade

seasoned bread crumbs

a hefty splash of olive oil

8 ounces of chicken stock (though any kind of stock would do fine)

some badia complete, Mrs dash, onion powder & garlic powder


the preparation is almost non existent, taking less than 5 minutes; first preheat your oven to 375 Fahrenheit, then into a large roasting pan unceremoniously dump the soup, beer, olive oil, stock & mojo and whisk to combine. Next you take the leg thigh quarters and dump them into the aforementioned pan and rotate around to make sure they are covered in the mixture; then arranging them evenly in the pan skin side up. The sauce should come roughly halfway up the chicken in the pan, then liberally shake on the bread crumbs & spices.

Put the chicken in at 375 for 1 hour (make sure you set an alarm) then check it. Then lower the temperature to 350 and cook for another half hour or so depending upon your oven, making sure that it is done. It’s just that simple. Now for extra credit you could choose to ad small cut potatoes or carrots to the pan or even gizzards to braise in the the sauce , it’s all up to you but make sure you save every bit thats leftover because we have soup to make…



dom’s chicken & corn chowder


pretty simple i had some leftovers & i like to stretch my food dollar, this also is designed to be quite easy to make and use up miscellaneous leftovers; I’ll be typing it as i made it last but i feel the only vital elements are the leftover chicken stuff, bell pepper & corn since their interplay is the key to the dish.


3 leftover chicken leg thigh pieces & remaining sauce (see above)

one green pepper diced tiny

one onion medium sized also diced

several stalks of celery LEAVES INCLUDED diced

some garlic

olive oil

16 ounces water

8 or so ounces of stock (again any stock will do)

one pint leftover rice & peas

one pint of previously cooked rice (leftover from Chinese takeout)

one package frozen succotash (kernel corn & Lima beans)

2 cans corn kernels

some leftover pasta cut very small (roughly one cup)

spices to taste (in my case Mrs dash, badia complete, onion & garlic powder, turmeric saffron & black pepper)

roughly 1 cup of whole milk

a handful of breadcrumbs or matzo meal to thicken


begin by throughly cooking the peppers onion & celery in a large pot in some olive oil at low heat adding a few spoonfuls of the sauce from the chicken to add flavor. After that is done simply add the rest of the ingredients& simmer until the meat falls right off the bone seasoning to taste. Very flexible & very easy.


Super easy mushrooms for hazel

this is based on something i roast at home but adapted to a stove top since i created it as a delicious low fat treat for hazel & the Texas rose since i know she adores mushrooms


mushrooms, any type really

Worcestershire sauce

a bit of water

yes that’s it.


Take a lidded frying pan set to medium high heat and drop in the mushrooms cap down so that the stem is pointing up with a good splash of water for steam and affix the lid.

After a minute or so remove the lid add a good squirt of Worcestershire sauce over all the mushrooms & re affix the lid for a minute or so.

Remove lid and flip over to stem side down and squirt a little more Worcestershire and possibly water if needed and steam again for another minute or so then serve, very simple. It comes out best if you are cooking them in a pan you just used to cook something else (eg chicken breast or something) so that it absorbs those residual flavors as it cooks but either way they come out quick juicy & delicious.


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