dom’s redneck bar blue cheese chicken pasta

This is a dish i’m slightly embarassed by, i threw this together for oneof my regulars where i work  as a cook as a birthday treat.  It’s based on her favorite ingredients and the very limited palate of stuff available in the kitchen of a redneck bar.  The reason i publish this is because she absolutely loved it so much and begged me for the recipie which she makes at home all the time so i guess i’m just too hard on myself as her & her friends love it.

Hastily made pasta with chicken blue cheese & celery


ingredients for 1 serving (do the math for larger)

6 ounces diced chicken breast

roughly 7 stalks of celery leaves & all diced rather small

a ½ inch slice of a large onion diced

half of one tomato diced

olive oil a few tablespoons

2 tablespoons butter

mcormick brand poultry seasoning

garlic powder

half a cup of blue cheese dressing

8 oz or so cooked pasta


it’s pretty simple really, start with the diced celery and toss in a frying pan with the onion olive oil & butter, then fry up the chicken in a separate pan in olive oil with a few shakes of the mccormick poultry seasoning then add a few shakes to the celery mix. Add the tomatoes to the celery mixture as well as a few shakes of the garlic powder (diced garlic would work just as well but i wasn’t able to find it last night) add the chicken and the blue cheese dressing to the celery mixture and let simmer a minute or two then pour over pasta that simple. Glad you liked it .



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