dom’s mad scientist burgers


Dom’s mad scientist burgers

here is the recipe for how i seasoned my burgers for my birthday party this year, it’s a little crazy but not only is it a juicer tastier burger; some of the ingredients actually help to prevent problems with food borne bacteria.



3 pounds ground chuck

1 shot glass of prune juice (stay with me now, it’s cool i promise)

1 shot glass of V8 or bloody Mary mix

a dash of Worcestershire

a few dashes of chili powder

a whole bunch of shakes of mrs. dash

a tablespoon or so of cumin powder

a tablespoon or so of Badia Complete seasoning mix, or adobo

a couple of pinches of coarse salt

several enthusiastic grinds of black pepper

1/3 a cup of brown sugar (it has to be brown sugar or it really won’t be the same)

1 egg

a handful of those Durkee brand fried onions crushed as fine as you can by hand, though funyons brand chips will work just fine as well; even your favorite chip will work in a pinch, as they are there to firm up the burger and to absorb the liquid & add flavor, that you’ll have to do by feel, just remember you’re not making meatloaf.


As you might guess it’s pretty straightforward mix the stuff together being careful not to overwork the meat then cook to both your taste and preference.

Now, should you be grilling them on charcoal or propane grill; right before you put them on the heat very lightly dredge them in a mix of brown sugar, paprika, mrs. Dash & Badia complete. When you do that the sugar caramelizes & helps to seal in the juices.



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